Two ASM Web Services solutions at Mobile World Congress 2021

29 / 06 /2021 | Mobile News

Lead Retrieval enables real-time contact management

After a year of forced absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mobile World Congress returns to Barcelona. This edition focuses on the use of 5G for more sustainable mobility, and will address other challenges of the society of the future.

In a context still marked by health prevention measures, the world reference event bets on two technological solutions developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services: the Lead Retrieval and Vip Drop Off applications.

Lead Retrieval App

Lead Retrieval is a mobile app for real-time contact management that uses NFC technology and QR codes. Through its use, physical contact between Mobile World Congress attendees is avoided, in addition to controlling access to the event and, in the event that there were any Covid-19 positive among the attendees, it would allow the traceability of who may have been in contact with this person.

This tool, designed for exhibitors, allows scanning the QR code included in the visitors’ pass to the stand to obtain instant and detailed information about their profile. In addition, it makes it easy to obtain contacts instantly by bringing the cell phone close to the visitor’s pass via NFC.

Lead Retrieval facilitates the management of potential customers contacted during the event, visualizing reports with different filters, allowing exporting them in Excel format, as well as carrying out surveys or sending documents to the captured contacts.

VIP Drop Off App

The solution provided by the VIP Drop Off app is different. In this case it is focused on the management of the parking area of the Mobile World Congress.

Before arriving at the show, each visitor can request a sticker with NFC technology for his or her vehicle, which must be placed on the front window. Thanks to this identifier, the event staff managing the parking area will have information on each car arriving or leaving the parking lot by simply placing a mobile device with the VIP Drop Off app near the sticker. In this way, the event organizer obtains the parking usage data of the visitors.


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