ASM Web Services launches new headquarters in Barcelona

30 / 09 /2021 | News

New ASM Web Services headquarters in Barcelona

After 10 years developing our activity in Viladecans, ASM Web Services returns to Barcelona, where we started our business career. The new ASMWS headquarters is located at Avenida Madrid, 95. A well connected enclave, located very close to Sants Station, which will facilitate the mobility of our team as well as that of our clients from the rest of Spain.

The new headquarters will streamline the mobility of our team as well as that of our customers in the rest of Spain.

Closer proximity to customers and more synergies in the teams.

The change of headquarters is aimed at “facilitating proximity with our customers and partners such as Magento or VTEX, and also with our employees when it comes to combining face-to-face work and teleworking,” according to Justo Soria, CEO and founder of ASMWS.

“We now have more space and more videoconferencing and meeting rooms for the technical team to work more comfortably and create synergies between engineering teams,” he says. In addition, he adds, “working from these new offices in Barcelona will facilitate the integration of the new Mobile Apps development company, which is also located in the same city”.


The Barcelona site allows the creation of new synergies between ASMWS teams.

The new headquarters culminates a process of evolution

The move to these new offices in Barcelona is the culmination of a process of evolution of the company. This began with the implementation of the new operating model, which we launched at the beginning of 2021, and which involved the creation of the tech hubs.

Currently, the company has two highly specialized development centers: one in Barcelona, focused on the development of Mobile Apps, and another in León, dedicated to Software Engineering and Pricing Optimization Tools.


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