Tiketblok: an app to organize ‘Covid-free’ events

16 / 06 /2021 | Mobile Projects Technology

Tiketblok makes it possible to identify the entire audience of a major event.

The cultural sector is relying on technology to try to recover normality and overcome the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest example of this could be seen during the concert of the group Manel held a few days ago in the hall La Mirona de Salt (Girona). It was attended by 1,000 people who were able to enjoy live music without security distances. How was this possible? Thanks to the Tiketblok app.

This application, created by the start-up of the same name and developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services, works as an intermediary between the attendees and the events. It allows the entire audience of a large event to be identified through their cell phones. Tiketblok also offers event organizers a communication channel with attendees, in addition to including an identity and health certification within the ticket itself.

How does Tiketblok work?

To gain access to the concert, all attendees had to prove that they were people with very low contagious capacity (MBCC), and have the ICC AOKpass virtual health certificate. They could obtain it in about thirty associated pharmacies in Girona in three ways: by means of a negative antigen test, proving that they had passed the Covid-19 during the last three months or proving that they were vaccinated.

Tickets could be purchased through the La Mirona website, and were registered in the Tiketblok app, which the public had to install on their cell phone to access the event. The Tiketblok app connects anonymously with the issuers of official health certificates, to include in the ticket itself whether the ticket holder is an MBCC person.

This technological solution to ensure Covid-free events has already attracted the attention of other cultural event organizers such as Live Nation, Madrid’s WiZink Center or Vienna’s opera houses.

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