Dani Palacios is certified for Magento M2 JavaScript Developer

22 / 07 /2019 | Awards Magento Technology

The developer Dani Palacios has become the first and only Spanish, this 2019, to obtain the Magento M2 JavaScript Developer certification.
The strength of this certification is that it allows developers to choose the best technology to carry out a specific job. It focuses on the Javascript programming language part of Magento and allows modifying the JS code of the page in any section of that platform.

Certification benefits

Developers who have obtained this certification can edit and create JS, Jquery / Magento UI elements and widgets. Also make modifications in important parts such as the checkout and in other sections of the page that have some type of knockout code.

Only developers who have experience of at least one year working with Magento JavaScript are eligible for this certification. Magento is an eCommerce platform with free code (opensource) -very popular and used all over the world- which allows you to carry out all kinds of projects related to Internet sales, thanks to its modular, very flexible and scalable system.

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