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29 / 03 /2019 | eCommerce News Technology

Traditionally, the B2B customer has been considered to have different needs than the B2C customers. I think the statement is partially true. If you allow me, I will explain it to you.
One point that has been worked on a lot in the field of B2C is prescription. Brands take many actions to get their customers to become prescribers, but this strategy is less frequent in the B2B field.

What is a prescriber?

A prescriber is the person who influences other potential buyers by commenting on a product, brand or service. We all know that there is no better recommendation than someone we consider to be an authority on a topic or someone with whom we share problems.

What does a PIM have to do with the prescription?

Prescribers are not just satisfied customers who recommend products that have done well for them and destroy those that have not. A prescriber is also generated by creating expectations about the products that are to come and generating interest in the rest of the products that you may not even have tried. This is where product information becomes critical.

How am I going to prescribe your products if I don’t know them?

To offer an optimal service and provide the potential prescriber with the best information from the product catalog, I need corporate tools that facilitate centralizing, maintaining and enriching this information. That is where the PIM makes its appearance, allowing the different areas of a company to collaborate to enrich the information and distribute it to the different channels, providing a personalized experience adjusted to each medium. It will not be the same information that I need to publish in my eShop, in a Marketplace or for my paper catalog.

At ASM Web Services we can help you implement these tools to improve processes and reduce Time To Market in the life cycle of your products. We have implemented Akeneo PIM –ASMWS is the software company’s partner in Spain– in different business environments and we have extensive experience in organizing and optimizing highly complex catalogs.

More quality information, more prescribers

To generate prescribers it is essential to provide the maximum amount of information possible about the product, variations, specific characteristics that may be of interest to a specific sector and never forget the visual aspect, adding images, demonstration videos and technical documents that can increase the interest and knowledge. Also, giving interesting and comprehensive product information shows that you care, not only about your product, but also about your customers.
It is very difficult to provide this level of richness with different spreadsheets that are distributed and versioned throughout the company, and where each one makes their transformations and additions, with the images in a shared folder and the product name limited to the 26 characters that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows me.

Rodrigo País-Garay, e-commerce functional consultant de ASM Web Services

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