ASM Web Services, new ‘partner’ of HCL Technologies

25 / 03 /2019 | eCommerce News Technology

The multinational HCL Technologies announced last December an agreement to acquire part of IBM’s software business, for 1.8 billion dollars. The operation, which will be completed in mid-2019 and which will allow HCL Technologies to reinforce its position as a world technology leader, concerns some of our clients, who are users of the solutions that the Indian multinational will buy, such as Gold Business Partner that we are from IBM in Spain. To ensure that this transition allows them to continue using the same software, at ASM Web Services we have signed a partnership agreement with the Indian multinational.

With this acquisition, the company sees an opportunity to continue its expansion in Europe, taking advantage of the implementation of IBM solutions in this market. Hence, one of his priorities, as stated by Marcelo Cabane, member of the executive team of HCL Products & Platforms, in charge of the European and Latin American markets, “is the retention of customers and the acceleration in the development of our products. , and at the same time that it is easy to do business with us ”. HCL acquires seven ‘software’ platforms HCL will purchase seven software platforms from IBM seeking a larger clientele and allowing it to increase its presence in the areas of commerce, security and market. “We see an opportunity for continuity and growth in robust and venerable products, respected leaders in the market, with a loyal customer base, but which, nevertheless, with the passage of time and the new strategic orientation of IBM, have been losing them. focus and investment ”, according to the HCL Technologies executive.

Tools purchased include Appscan (web security monitoring and testing tools), BigFix (systems management), Unica (business marketing management), Commerce (e-commerce), Portal (construction and management of web portals), Notes & Domino (email and rapid application development), and Connections (work collaboration). Although the acquisition process is not yet complete, certain improvements are already beginning to be seen in these software platforms. “Since we began with the intellectual property agreements with IBM, we have significantly accelerated their development, with new releases, updates and greater support,” concludes Cabane.

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