What to do before IBM SmartCloud Notes closes in 2020

9 / 09 /2019 | IBM-LOTUS-NOTES Market News Technology

Last August the news broke: HCL Technologies announced that in July 2020 it was going to stop the development of IBM SmartCloud Notes, a complete mail service in the cloud that has millions of users worldwide. The announcement came a few weeks after the purchase by the Indian multinational HCL Technologies of certain IBM products, related to security software, digital experience, collaboration and electronic commerce. The multinational has justified the decision because the current architecture of IBM SmartCloud Notes is highly complex and expensive to evolve. For this reason they have chosen to deploy a new cloud with similar functionalities, which does not yet have a launch date.

The ASM Web Services solution for IBM SmartCloud Notes users

Given this new scenario, from the ASM Web Services team we believe that current users of IBM SmartCloud Notes have three alternatives:

  1. Migrate to another cloud platform. One of the most powerful on the market is Microsoft Office 365, a SaaS (software as a service) solution that is purchased from a cloud service provider using a pay-per-use model. ASMWS has experience in this type of migration and has a team of four people certified by Binary Tree (manufacturer of the Domino to Office 365 migration solution) to carry out these kinds of projects.
  2. Migrate from IBM SmartCloud Notes to Verse on-premise. Although it is a counter-current solution, it is an option for immediate execution for companies that see the deadline very close. Whether it is on-premise or locally refers to the type of installation that is made of the software solution. In this option, the migration is carried out towards the server and the infrastructure (ICT) of the company, so the company itself or its hosting provider will be responsible for its maintenance.
  3. The third option is similar to the previous one, it is an on-premise alternative but with a difference. In this case, HCL provides a list of providers called HCL Cloud Hosting Partners, who offer cloud services to host the solution. With this proposal, the maintenance of the solution will be the responsibility of the HCL Cloud Hosting Partners.
  4. Regardless of the target platform, the transition from IBM SmartCloud Notes must be gradual and well planned, especially in large organizations.

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