ASM works on the integration of Werfen and Immucor

11 / 05 /2023 | News Projects

A few months ago, the acquisition of Immucor by Werfen was completed. With this acquisition they were looking for the full integration of both companies, and for this they counted on ASM Web Services. For this union to work properly, it is necessary that, internally, there is also a complete integration, and that is where our team participated.

Integration in record time

Werfen’s goal was to achieve the integration of the two companies without having to migrate data from one system to the other. Before the integration, both companies were using Office 365 as an email solution, Teams, etc., which made the work easier.

In just three weeks, the ASM team achieved the integration. One of Microsoft’s new features was activated, which worked very well, although it is still in beta. This is the Cross Tenant Syncronization feature, which allows users from one company to be synchronized with those from the other, so that Werfen users enter the Immucor system and vice versa.

More facilities with Cross Tenant Syncronization

Thanks to this functionality, a Werfen user can easily find an Immucor user or vice versa. For example, you can send e-mails to another person without knowing their address and only with their first or last name. By entering this data, the system gives all addresses that correspond to this information, regardless of the company to which they belong.

This function also facilitates the organization of meetings, since the availability of all users can be consulted when scheduling a meeting, streamlining the process and allowing users from both companies to meet seamlessly.

In addition, Werfen’s intranet was also synchronized. Prior to the integration, they had this intranet for internal communications, company news, HR, etc., and the Werfen intranet was also synchronized with the Werfen intranet. HR, etc., and they wanted all Immucor employees to be able to access it.

To achieve this, an AD (Active Directory) integration was made, i.e. the employee databases of both companies were integrated. With the same user, Immucor employees gain access to this intranet, without having to create a new user to access the Werfen intranet.

A large company in the healthcare sector

Both Werfen and Immucor are companies in the healthcare sector offering different services. Werfen is a leading company in specialized diagnostics, in the specialties of hemostasis, acute care diagnostics and autoimmunity. Immucor, on the other hand, is a world leader in transfusion diagnostics and transplantation products. The merger of the two companies represents the expansion of their market presence and the broadening of their services.

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