Developed an application integrated with Akeneo and Cloudinary for Roca

30 / 06 /2023 | News Projects Technology

ASM Web Services has collaborated in the development of an application integrated with Akeneo and Cloudinary. The project is for the company Roca and the objective is to generate the Unified Water Label for its products -the one that identifies water consumption- in a simpler way.

What has the project consisted of?

A button has been created on the Akeneo product page to generate the UWL label. All you have to do is add the values of a couple of parameters: flow rate and energy consumption. With these data, the application itself generates the label.

In addition, it also allows customization of the generated labels. Thus, the manufacturer can add both the brand and the model code to each label and give more information about the product.

The labels are built from images that are stored in Cloudinary and are accessible with Akeneo. Once the label has been generated, it is saved in a new Cloudinary folder.

The Unified Water Label

The international standard for water efficiency is a classification equivalent to the system previously used for household appliances with the letters A, B, C, D and E. This standard is intended to provide consumers with a clear and uniform reference for evaluating the water efficiency of different devices and products.

The classification is based on a letter scale, where category A represents the highest level of water efficiency, followed by categories B, C, D and E, which indicate a progressively lower level of efficiency. With this international standard, consumers can make informed choices and opt for products that help conserve water and reduce environmental impact.

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