New features of Akeneo PIM Flexibility v. 7.0

18 / 04 /2023 | eCommerce

As we told you in a previous post, Unlock 2023 was the Akeneo event where Akeneo celebrated its 10th anniversary and, in addition to presentations and workshops, the new version of the Akeneo PIM application was presented. This is the Flexibility v. 7.0 version and these are the most important new features you can find:

1             Akeneo Activation for retail

This new feature is focused on retailers who want to use Akeneo PIM and activate it on their key channels. This makes it much easier to deliver an exceptional product experience to their customers, increase time to market and reduce operational inefficiencies.

2             Customizable applications

Not every application fits everyone and many times they can fall short. To avoid this, they have added the ability to customize these applications to meet almost any need and innovate much faster. From Akeneo Product Cloud, the customer can generate an application to cover the needs that cannot be covered by the applications or functions already existing in the Akeneo app store.

3             Time-to-market analytics

New metrics have been added to the analytics. These allow you to identify opportunities for data enrichment optimization, as it provides the necessary data to the team to innovate and improve over the competition.

4             Akeneo for Shopify

Akeneo PIM can now be connected to Shopify hosted stores through the Akeneo for Shopify app. This app allows customers to publish their products from Akeneo PIM to their Shopify stores. In this way, it improves time to market, product content quality and product experience.

5             New apps in the Akeneo app store

In addition to Akeneo for Shopify, more new apps have been launched to enhance the customer experience. These include apps for content translation, apps based on artificial intelligence or for catalog sorting.

6             Identifier generator

This new feature automates the generation of product identifiers. Customers can create the structure of their identifiers with product attributes, the family to which they belong, assign abbreviations, etc., and they are automatically generated based on these indications.

7             Enriched categories

Thanks to the generation of identities, you can provide the end customer with more information on product lines, categories or specific subcategories, as it allows you to take more advantage of e-merchandising information with images, descriptions and SEO content.

8             Artificial intelligence capabilities

The ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning within Akeneo PIM has been added. Cleaning, de-duplication and categorization of products being imported can be automated.

9             Tools for developers and sample apps

Interaction with the Akeneo ecosystem is facilitated. On the one hand, business users have the assurance that the applications they need are easily accessible in the Akeneo app store. On the other hand, developers can integrate with Akeneo, reducing their total cost of ownership.

10           Advantages also for the Community Edition

Community Edition customers can more easily export and import product information, mark the SKU entry as optional and much more.

These are just some of the new features that this new version brings with it. See the rest here.

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