A team specialized in migrations to the cloud

22 / 10 /2020 | Technology

The team managing the migration must be trained and experienced in these processes

The ASM Web Services cloud migration process team is fully trained, with hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of multiple platforms, such as Azure, Microsoft’s public pay-per-use cloud.

Azure is one of the leading players in the market thanks to the benefits it offers. Banco Santander announced in April 2019 their choice of Microsoft as their preferred strategic cloud service provider to drive the institution’s digital transformation. ASM Web Services systems technician David Solé is a certified Azure Administrator Associate. This certification has provided him with technical know-how in managing subscriptions, creating and scaling different types of virtual machines, implementing storage solutions and configuring virtual networks,different solutions regarding backups and sharing of data. He has also acquired new skills in areas such as connections between on-premise servers and cloud resources, network traffic management, implementation of Azure Active Directory, as well as the monitoring of all the elements that form part of these solutions, in either technical or administrative aspects.

One of the ASMWS team’s technical consultants, Joaquín Jiménez has also extended his know-how in cloud computing, obtaining five official Cloudinary certifications. Cloudinary is a US based SaaS technology provider for multinationals such as Sony, Trivago or Virgin. They offer cloud-based video and image management services, enabling users to upload, store, manage, manipulate and deliver images and videos for websites and applications.

Intelligent migration to the cloud, and in good company

The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has hastened digital transformation processes in many businesses. The context today has boosted generalized consumption of the IT as a Service model, particularly for the cloud.

The factors driving businesses to stake on cloud computing are manifold: it offers great flexibility, greater agility and new opportunities for innovation, along with flexible computing power. However, implementing a data migration process to the cloud may cause some trepidation for most companies, which is absolutely normal. An overly quick migration without a strategy, without the right provider and without the advice of a specialized partner can cause serious difficulties for their businesses.

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