Tenerife, new trail running destination for the Open Trail Races app

30 / 11 /2021 | Apps News Projects Technology

Open Trail Races (OTR) allows trail running all year round.

There are more and more followers of trail running throughout the year, without the need to wait for a specific competition. For all of them, here comes great news. The racing app Open Trail Races (OTR) incorporates Tenerife as a new trail running destination.

Tenerife has a series of conditions that make it ideal for this sport: altitude, varied terrain, many trails and an optimal climate throughout the year. For this reason, Tenerife Tourism has decided to include it in the OTR app. It has counted on the collaboration of trail runner David Lutzardo to select the best trails on the island.

ASM and Open Trail Races

We are very happy to see that the app is growing. The ASM Web Services team developed the Open Trail Races app for The Trail Zone, a company dedicated to sports tourism.

To use it, the user installs it on the device with which he will follow the route, registers and downloads the race track. To follow the routes, a GPS device is required, as the routes are not specifically marked for environmental, ecological and respectful reasons. The OTR application also allows virtual competitions between runners comparing times and rankings to encourage participation.


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