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12 / 01 /2022 | eCommerce Magento Mobile Projects Technology

The new ASM Web Services offices in Barcelona

Is coming of age in technology companies celebrated at the age of 18? At ASM Web Services, yes, we like celebrations and we are happy because we have been making our clients’ technology projects a reality for 18 years. And if we take into account the last two years marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s almost worth double. We have always been committed to renewal and change, and this last year has left us with a lot of them.

2021 was an important challenge to assess the company’s growth trend. After a minimal stagnation in 2020, we have overcome it with a growth close to 15%, reaching a total turnover of more than 4 million euros.

This milestone has again been thanks to our customers, who continue to bet on us. It is worth highlighting two tremendously revealing data: 60% of sales in 2021 have been to customers with an antiquity of 5 years. But even more relevant is that 29.56% of sales were to customers who have been with us for more than 10 years.

This growth has undoubtedly been thanks to the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of a team of people, who despite having numerous job offers, have been loyal to this business model that 5 technicians founded 18 years ago. Today we are more than 50 professionals, with an average seniority of almost 7 years, involved and fully aligned with our mission: to be an ebusiness company open to the world where we grow together.

Teleworking and talent distributed throughout the territory

10 years ago we opted for teleworking and geographical dispersion in search of the best talent. We wanted professionals from all corners of the Spanish geography, from Barcelona to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, favoring family reconciliation.

It has been a tremendously demanding year, where with this small team we have been able to meet the growth in demand from historical and new clients, such as ILSA, Lladró, Kid&Us, Laboratorios Echevarne, Prysmian Cables, ESHOB, JumboDiset, Gonzalez Byass (through Minsait), etc. All this with the best will to add value, with endless working days, with production start-ups in highly complex environments, and always with the best and most praiseworthy attitude.


Meeting of part of the ASM Web Services team at the new offices in Barcelona.

Back to Barcelona: the culmination of an evolution

One of the changes of the last twelve months is that ASM Web Services has returned to Barcelona, where we started our business journey. The new headquarters are located at Avenida Madrid, 95, in a very central and well-connected area.

The objective of this move is to facilitate the proximity with our customers and partners such as Magento or VTEX, and also with our employees when it comes to combine face-to-face work and teleworking. Working from these new offices in Barcelona will facilitate the integration of the new Mobile Apps development company, which is also located in the same city.

This change of headquarters is the culmination of a process of evolution of ASM Web Services. At the beginning of 2021 we implemented a new operating model that involved the creation of tech hubs. The company now has two highly specialized development centers: one in Barcelona, focused on the development of Mobile Apps, and another in León, dedicated to Software Engineering and Pricing Optimization Tools.

New projects marked by Covid-19 prevention

The ASM Web Services team is a powerful, flexible team that adapts to the needs of each moment to offer the best solutions to our customers. And this year, it has responded to requests to create solutions in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few examples.

After a year of forced absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mobile World Congress returned to Barcelona in 2021 and bet on two technological solutions developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services: the Lead Retrieval and Vip Drop Off applications.

Lead Retrieval is a mobile app for real-time contact management that uses NFC technology and QR codes. Its use avoids physical contact between Mobile World Congress attendees, in addition to controlling access to the event. In the case of a Covid-19 positive among the attendees, it allowed the traceability of this person’s contacts.

It also has other interesting functions for exhibitors, such as having instant information about visitors by scanning the QR of the pass, obtaining contacts by bringing the cell phone close to the pass via NFC and viewing them later in reports with different filters.

Also developed for Mobile World Congress, the VIP Drop Off app is used to manage the parking area.


Tiketblok is an app that allows you to organize safe events in Covid period

Tiketblok: an app for ‘Covid-free’ events

One of the great challenges during the pandemic has been to be able to concentrate people in an enclosed space to enjoy live music. Some clinical studies were carried out, such as the concert in May of Manel in La Mirona de Salt. A thousand people were able to attend and enjoy without security distances. The Tiketblok app was key.

This application, created by the start-up of the same name and developed by the mobile apps team of ASM Web Services, acts as an intermediary between attendees and events. It allows the entire audience of a large event to be identified through their cell phones.

All attendees had to prove that they were people with very low contagious capacity (MBCC), and have the ICC AOKpass virtual health certificate. The Tiketblok app connects anonymously with official health certificate issuers to include in the ticket itself whether the ticket holder is an MBCC person.


The OTR application allows virtual competitions between runners throughout the year.

Open Trail Races: year-round races in spite of Covid

Covid-19 has forced people to sharpen their wits so that they can enjoy the activities they used to do safely. One example is the races. For several months they were cancelled, but technology offered the possibility of doing them alone through an app. And now both types of competitions coexist.

This is the case of the Open Trail Races app. Apart from calendars and marathons, it allows you to compete throughout the year. The runner has to install the app on his cell phone, register and download the track of the race he wants to run. It allows virtual competitions between runners comparing times and rankings to encourage participation.

The OTR racing application has been developed by the ASM Web Services team for The Trail Zone, a company dedicated to sports tourism that creates and designs unmarked trail stations and competitive circuits 24/7 with the application. It currently has more than 130 races, championships and stage races throughout Spain.

The most powerful version of Akeneo PIM

The French multinational Akeneo, of which ASM Web Services is an official partner, launched a renewed version of its product information management system, its most powerful version: version 5.0 of Akeneo PIM software in Enterprise and Community editions, which we are implementing in 2 new customers.

These are some of the projects completed this year, which we can share with all of you.

Finally, I would like to give my sincere thanks to all of you who have made this possible.

Justo Soria

CEO ASM Web Servies



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