Evolution in times of pandemic (Summary of the year)

12 / 01 /2021 | All projects News

2020 has without a doubt been marked by the coronavirus pandemic. The new context generated has forced society to reinvent itself to overcome an unprecedented situation. At ASM Web Services we have done our best to make adversity an opportunity. Throughout the year we have worked on the evolution of our operating model, a process that has led to an internal reshuffle, the creation of new production areas and the inauguration of another territorial office.

We open an office in Madrid

In 2018 we began the deployment of an expansion strategy for the domestic market, with the opening of an office in León. In September we took yet another step by opening a new office in Madrid, which manages all the projects in the areas of Madrid and Eastern Spain. It is headed by José Rodríguez, who has a background in telecommunications and IT, having worked for companies like Vodafone, Siemens and GE. He has extensive experience in the development of PIM–Product Information Management projects.

We open an office in Madrid headed by José Rodriguez

V2MSoftware takeover

In addition to territorial growth, this year we have also grown our team with the incorporation of the production unit of the V2MSoftware firm, which reinforces our mobile division. The process of acquiring V2MSoftware has meant integration into our organization of a specialized, highly qualified team that has worked for large, important customers such as Fira de Barcelona, TMB–Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, AMB–Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, Deliberry, Manusa, and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We reorganize and launch a new website

The new internal organization has led to the creation of three new divisions, in addition to the already operational Product Information Management, E-commerce, Software Engineering and Mobile Apps units. The new divisions are Data Science, dedicated to data lifecycle management; the Pricing Optimization unit, focusing on developing software to monitor, calculate and manage dynamic pricing models; and finally the Systems and Cloud Computing unit, which specializes in creating cloud projects and cloud migrations.

This renewed operating model incorporates another innovative element, the ASM Tech Hubs. They are highly specialized development centres. We have launched three Tech Hubs, one in Barcelona, focusing on Mobile App development; another in Mataró, dedicated to Data Science projects, and a third  in León, dedicated to Software Engineering and Pricing Optimization Tools.

All these transformations have been reflected in the new website launched last July.

We have launched a new website

A more specialized team in cloud migrations

We ended the first part of the summary of the year talking about our team. At ASM Web Services we have staff trained in cloud migration processes with hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of multiple platforms. And in 2020 they have further expanded their capabilities. Systems technician David Solé has obtained the Azure Administrator Associate certification, while technical consultant Joaquín Jiménez has also extended his knowledge of cloud computing, obtaining five official certifications from Cloudinary.

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