The OTR app makes it possible to run the Meridian Marathon all year round

23 / 02 /2021 | All projects Mobile Projects

Runners will have 5 routes available on the OTR / Meridian Marathon app.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of the calendar of races and marathons in Spain, technology is making it possible to satisfy the competitive bug of runners. The latest example is the Meridiano Marathon, which, thanks to the Open Trail Races (OTR) app, can be run all year round.

Runners will have 5 routes available in the OTR app that correspond to the different distances of the program offered by this mountain race, which is organized on the island of El Hierro: 9, 18, 27 and 42 kilometers. They will also have the route of the vertical kilometer, the Ascent to Jinama from the Joapira Mountain.

The OTR race application has been developed by the ASM Web Services team for The Trail Zone, a company dedicated to sports tourism that creates and designs unmarked trail stations and competitive circuits 24/7 with the application.



The OTR application allows for virtual competitions between runners

All the race data available in the OTR app.

The operation of the OTR app is very simple: the user installs it on the device with which he/she will follow the route -it is available for iOS and Android-, registers and downloads the race track. To follow the routes, a GPS device is required, as the routes are not specifically marked for environmental, ecological and environmentally friendly reasons.

The OTR application also allows virtual competitions between runners comparing times and rankings to encourage participation. The excitement and atmosphere of the race day, which edition after edition brings together more than 1,300 athletes, will be missing, but at least you will be able to enjoy this popular Canary Island route.

The app was created a few years ago, but the current impossibility of holding massive competitions has triggered its expansion. Downloads have increased considerably and new circuits have been created, as Joan Grau, CEO of The Trail Zone and Open Trail Races, explains in an interview in the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

The Meridiano Marathon joins other races that have also chosen to adapt to the current context by taking advantage of OTR’s features. This is the case of the Trail Mallos de Riglos, held in the province of Huesca, which can also be completed throughout the year thanks to the app.

In the municipality of Canyelles, in the province of Barcelona, on the other hand, they have launched two permanent mountain circuits in which runners can also compete or monitor their progress using the app.


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