ASM’s first project with VTEX in Spain

4 / 08 /2023 | eCommerce News

“Embargos a lo bestia” is a store with products on offer with physical and online store in Murcia (Spain) that was born in 2014. ASMWS team has developed for them their new eCommerce. It is the first project of our company in Spain together with the digital commerce platform VTEX.

In 2017 they ended the year with 3 physical stores and a turnover of 2 million euros. In just 5 years, they have managed to exponentially multiply those figures and will close this 2022 with more than 20 stores and a turnover of 30 million. Their forecast is to continue growing at this rate in the following years and, therefore, they have wanted to implement improvements in their sales processes to be able to keep up.

Until now, the company had a customized solution that they had been modifying and improving. But with their growth forecast, they needed a more stable and scalable platform. What led them to choose VTEX as their platform is “to gain scalability in their eCommerce sales growth, to complement their store growth strategy, and to provide their customers with a seamless experience adhering to the omnichannel concept” as Fabio Dutra, one of the integrators who worked on the project, tells us.

This is the first VTEX project that ASM has done in Spain and we are very grateful that they have counted on our team for the implementation.

Advantages of choosing VTEX

The decision to establish VTEX as a platform allows them to enjoy several advantages such as:

  1. Omni-channeling.

This is another of the main reasons why VTEX became the ideal platform for Beastly Embargoes. As mentioned above, its two sales channels (physical store and web) are very powerful and complementary.

VTEX allows them to seamlessly integrate both channels and enable customers to get a very satisfying shopping experience. It is perfectly set up to merge physical and online stock and, for example, the customer can pick up a purchase that has been made on the web from a physical store, or buy an item that is not in stock in the store at the time of their visit, allowing physical stores to offer the concept of ‘infinite shelf’ to their customers.

  • It is a SAAS platform

This means that there is no need to have physical servers because everything needed is in the cloud. Thanks to this, any type of update or improvement that is applied to the platform at a general level, will be applied instantly on your website without the need for technicians to update anything. So you always have the newest version of the platform without additional costs.

  • Flexibility

It is a double flexibility. On the one hand, and as mentioned in the previous point, the flexibility that the company has when it comes to making any update or change to its website without the need to go to a technician or rely on external agents.

And, on the other hand, the flexibility of customization offered by VTEX is greater than in the rest of the platforms. This allows the company to easily adjust the look & feel of their eCommerce as they wish.

  • It’s a powerful platform

One of the biggest concerns for any eCommerce is to always be prepared for sales peaks that can occur at certain times of the year. “In the face of a promotion or a campaign, the system doesn’t suffer. This is a big problem when you have the machine at home because you have to scale internally and it is not easy, it is costly and requires technical staff,” Jesús Hernández, another of the developers involved in the project, tells us.

With VTEX this is no longer a concern, because it has the necessary power to face these seasonalities and any sales peak. For Embargos a lo bestia this is very important, since they are expecting a large expansion in the coming years, which will entail large sales peaks on a constant basis.

  • More conversion

It has been proven that eCommerce companies using VTEX achieve higher conversion rates than other platforms. Once the implementation is complete and has matured, the numbers grow.

“On VTEX they usually experience an average of 20-30% higher conversion than they had on other platforms,” says Fabio. This is a big jump in conversion for the company.

  • Good user experience

The most important thing is to ensure that the user enjoys a good experience when browsing any website. VTEX achieves this easily by making the eCommerce very easy to navigate. For example, allowing the user to shop without the need to register and therefore speeding up the process.

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