Transforming agriculture with VeryAgro and VTEX

21 / 09 /2023 | eCommerce

In the world of e-commerce, every project represents a unique challenge. One of our latest projects has been working with VeryAgro, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way agricultural professionals purchase supplies. Here’s how ASM Web Services is transforming agriculture with VeryAgro by creating a B2B marketplace on the VTEX platform.

What is VeryAgro?

VeryAgro is a company with a simple but powerful mission: to offer professional farmers the lowest prices, the widest selection of supplies with constant availability and the best service.

The challenges of the project

When we at ASM began our collaboration with VeryAgro, we faced a number of challenges. For starters, VeryAgro was a new company and the project was developed from scratch. We had to work hand in hand with the VeryAgro team to define all the business rules, logistics, pricing, promotions, payment methods and more. Our goal was to ensure that the project was launched as scheduled.

In addition, we prepared and trained the entire VeryAgro team to operate an online store and manage all the complexities related to vendors. We also developed and implemented all the functionalities of VTEX’s B2B suite from day one of launch. In addition to technical development, we collaborated on content creation and strategy for VeryAgro, populating the platform with products, images, text and descriptions.

VTEX experts

Our experience in developing and managing online stores on VTEX was a key asset for this project. With over 500 projects developed and maintained, VTEX has the expertise to tackle the challenges of the VeryAgro project.

In just four months, we were able to transform VeryAgro’s vision into a working reality. Today, VeryAgro is online, offering agricultural professionals a reliable platform to procure their supplies efficiently and affordably.

We are excited to be part of the revolution in the agricultural sector and look forward to continuing to support VeryAgro in its mission to lead the way to a brighter agricultural future.

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