We are back in partnership with Mobile World Congress

23 / 02 /2023 | Mobile News Technology

The 2023 edition of the Mobile World Congress is about to begin and this year will focus on smart connectivity, exploring concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, 5G or the Metaverse. Once again, and as in previous editions, we are once again collaborating with Mobile, which has relied on ASM for contact management. We have been in charge of the development of the new version of the Lead Retrieval application.

Lead Retrieval, what is it?

This application facilitates contact management during and after the event. By simply scanning the QR code of another person’s application, all the information is immediately transferred from one device to another. Thanks to this, all the information is centralized in one place and after the event it is very easy to access it in order to expand the database or consult any type of information.improvements have been implemented in the functionality, usability and design of the application to facilitate navigation. A new section, a home screen, has also been created. There the user will be able to consult a summary of his account at a glance.

In addition, the application allows you to manage your contacts in real time. Once you have scanned another person’s code, you can add personalized labels, notes, send documents or carry out surveys. All this information is stored within the app itself for future reference.

Once finished, you can export the information creating reports with the necessary filters and integrate it into your CRM or contact database.

What to expect at MWC 23?

This year’s edition, dubbed “Velocity”, will present several novelties from the technological world.

To begin with, the challenges of 6G will be discussed. Although it is still a long way from being a reality, MWC will become a stage for debate on the standards needed for 6G connectivity. One of the debates is expected to be on how to make this connectivity sustainable.

Another topic that will be raised is the move from the metaverse to the matterverse. This concept refers, like the metaverse, to virtual or augmented reality but linked to the physical and to companies.

How to ensure that Industry 4.0 guarantees sustainability in the most efficient way possible is one of the topics that will also be discussed by the experts gathered at the MWC. The 5G network makes it possible to move towards smarter buildings, cities or factories that use energy without wasting it.

And once again, cell phones will continue to be the protagonists of the congress. New developments expected in the short term will be presented, such as foldable mobiles, improvements in image quality and implementation of zoom and fast charging, which will make it possible to go from 0 to 100% in just a few minutes.

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