Why choose VTEX as your eCommerce platform?

30 / 08 /2022 | Uncategorised

We live in a time of constant change in which being updated is key to stay in the market. One of the most important points when digitizing our business is to have a good online presence. Therefore, we have to choose the most appropriate platform for our eCommerce.

It is essential that it is stable, secure and offers a good user experience, in order to achieve successful transactions. Therefore, today we want to talk about VTEX, an online business development platform that we believe meets all these requirements.

1. You don’t have to be on the lookout for updates
When working with VTEX, we work with a SaaS infrastructure. This allows your eCommerce to always have the latest software version. This way we avoid going through long update processes as it happens with other platforms.

2. Allows multi-channeling
When your business has an online presence, it is important that you can access all the channels in which your customer may be present. This can be difficult to centralize in one place, but with VTEX it is possible.
The VTEX instore feature allows you to have all your customer information centralized in one place, linking online and offline with unified communication.

3. For all types of businesses
It is a platform designed for any business model. VTEX is capable of developing eCommerce for B2B, B2C and even marketplaces.

4. Fully customizable
The platform is not as limiting when it comes to designing pages as others, which only allow you to touch the color and text within pre-designed pages. You can create, customize and develop as you wish. In addition, there is the A/B test functionality, with which you can create, for example, 2 pages of the same product and the system itself defines which one achieves a higher conversion rate.

5. Monthly reports of your eCommerce performance
Within the license price, one of the services included is the monthly reporting. Every month, the VTEX team sends you a report on your monthly performance so that you can optimize your processes and achieve more sales.

6. The product catalog

It allows you to have a product catalog fully adapted to your business: with unlimited categories, possibility to formalize SKUs and other value attributes, add enriched content through images, videos, opinions, etc.

7. The simplicity of checkout processes
It has the smart checkout technology, which makes the first purchase of a customer on your website super easy and fast. The entire purchase process takes place on the same page and does not require registration or login with email or password. In addition, from the second purchase, just by entering the email address, all customer information will be automatically filled in.

Do you want to create an eCommerce that meets all your expectations? In ASM Web Services we have been developing online business for 18 years and we have a highly qualified team in this service. Contact us

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