In 2019 email migrates to the Microsoft Office 365 ‘cloud’ (part 1)

12 / 01 /2020 | eCommerce News Technology

2019 has been a hectic year for ASM Web Services and loaded with various projects, but if there is a technology that we have worked on that has taken the cake, that has been the cloud. The year that we have just said goodbye has undoubtedly been the definitive push for cloud solutions.
The ASM Web Services team has migrated around 5,000 mailboxes to Microsoft Office 365 throughout 2019. We have developed projects of this type for the companies Damm (beer group), Stada (laboratory) and the Institute of Religious of San José de Girona (health sector). This figure will increase in the year that we open because in the second half of 2019 we started the migration projects of Werfen (hospital solutions) and General Optica (optical products).

Last months of existence of IBM Smart Cloud

Some of the mail forwarding projects to the cloud we have carried out are a consequence of the announcement made in August 2019 by HCL Technologies. The Indian multinational will stop the development of IBM SmartCloud Notes in July 2020, a complete mail service in the cloud that has millions of users worldwide.

Faced with this new scenario, from the ASM Web Services team we believe that the most appropriate alternative for current IBM SmartCloud Notes users to keep their mail operational is to migrate to another cloud platform. One of the most powerful on the market is Microsoft Office 365. ASMWS has experience in this type of migration and has a team of four people certified by Binary Tree to carry out this kind of project.

Migration does not interrupt activity

When making mail migrations to the cloud, and to ensure that the customer can continue with their activity during the process, our team has developed a coexistence strategy. What does this mean? The old company email coexists for a certain time with the new email in the cloud while users are gradually migrating. During this period of coexistence, we designed a specific configuration with Binary Tree —ASMWS is a certified company for its use— to prevent information from being lost and the user to appreciate that this process is underway. This same solution with Binary Tree has been used in many of the largest messaging migrations in the world (Exxon Mobil, Novartis, Bank of New York).

Working in the antipodes with Goldcar

The year that we just said goodbye has also served for several members of our team to go to work to the other side of the world: Australia and New Zealand.

Our team assumed the coordination, together with local partners, of the validation and technological implementation of the services of the Goldcar company for its landing in Australia. They were integrated for a few weeks in the corporate expansion team of the multinational car rental company. Keep reading the second part of our summary of the year-


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