ASM Web Services evolves its operating model and launches a new website

28 / 07 /2020 | News


ASM Web Services starts in a new era. In recent months we have been working on the evolution of our operating model, a dynamic process that has recently culminated and has led to an internal reorganization, the creation of new production areas. All these transformations are reflected in a new website, which is launched today.

The technology sector advances at breakneck speed and to achieve competitive agility it is necessary to transform, transform and transform again. Companies need speed and vision to continue growing in this volatile context. For this reason, at ASM Web Services we have opted to carry out a new structuring that entails the creation of new business units.

The new organization has meant that the units and operations of e-commerce, software engineering and mobile applications, have been added three new divisions. On the one hand, Data Science, dedicated to the management of the data life cycle. We have also incorporated the Pricing Optimization production unit, focused on the development of software to monitor, calculate and manage dynamic price models. And, finally, we have promoted the Systems and Cloud Computing unit, specialized in creating cloud projects and migrations to the cloud.

We created the ASMWS Tech Hubs

This renewed operating model incorporates another innovative element, the ASMWS Tech Hubs, highly specialized and distributed development centers.

We have launched three:

The new operating model is aimed at driving our future growth through a more dynamic and decentralized structure, which is better adapted to the current competitive scenario. The fleeting nature with which the technology sector evolves, added to the context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused changes in customer behavior and in the ways of working, has made us adapt our strategic plan (and what we’ll have to keep doing it), while also reinforcing us in the idea that we had made the right decision.

All these transformations have materialized in a new website with a renewed structure and design. Each of the productive areas and the portfolio of services they include are explained in it.

We evolve to be more agile, more competitive, more efficient and to gain momentum towards the future.

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