The new «Akeneo PIM 4.0» is more agile and scalable.

7 / 02 /2020 | eCommerce Noticias Tecnología

Akeneo has just launched the new version of its Product Information Management (PIM) system, the Akeneo PIM 4.0. The French company has taken advantage of the Akeneo PIM Summit 2020, the annual meeting of customers and partners held in Paris on February 5 and 6, to present it.
With this evolution, which comes to replace version 3.2, the performance of the solution increases substantially, and allows customers to benefit from faster imports and exports. Time to market is also shortened and scalability is increased to expand product catalogs. These are the main novelties that the Akeneo PIM 4.0 presents.

Improve the product experience

One of the new functionalities, and one of the most relevant, of Akeneo PIM 4.0 is the Asset Manager. This central dashboard enables business users to organize and enrich all kinds of product-related digital assets. They will be able to visually manage and transform digital assets to deliver robust, channel-specific product experiences, and link assets to product catalogs through improved API (application programming interface) level integration with Digital Asset (DAM) systems. Management) existing.

Quality Product Information

The Data Quality Insights functionality is another of the novelties that the Akeneo PIM incorporates. Assess the accuracy and quality of product data, automatically flag misspellings and incorrect formatting, and display data quality ratings on a color-coded dashboard. Users get automated suggestions to improve product data, quickly correct errors, and ensure accuracy and consistency of product data Introducing the new Akeneo PIM 4.0

Franklin Insights suggests

Franklin Insights, the library of technical product information developed by Akeneo, takes another leap forward. It integrates a new attribute mapping feature that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically suggest product attributes for product catalogs. Marketers will be able to review and accept Franklin’s suggestions with a single click, ensuring an optimized path to product data enrichment.

A more simplified administration

The last of the news that we want to explain to you from the ASM Web Services team at Akeneo PIM 4.0 is the new connections module. It simplifies connection management by using efficient API-based integration to allow users to easily establish and manage third-party connectors from a single pane of glass. This new feature includes a dashboard to easily monitor data flows in and out of the PIM, enabling effortless security management between applications.

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